We built a distillery named “GEEKSTILL” which meant that we distill with enthusiasm. GEEKSTILL is located in a country town with rich nature therefore we are in the hospitable environment to get the botanical materials, but we are the tiny distillation where the number of employments is the minimum and the amount of production is low. We may cause you inconvenience but we will do our best.

Efforts toward a sustainable society

Yamanashi prefecture is known as Japan’s “kingdom of fruit.” On the other hand, throwing out large amounts of fruits that do not meet the delivery basis has become a problem. The deformation and damage of the botanical materials never be a problem for us, so we use the fruits that do not meet the delivery basis too. It would be presumptuous of us to eliminate dispose the deformed and damaged fruits, but we would like to cooperate with farmers to reduce the amount of disposition of fruit they have grown with great effort.

* We outsource selecting and cleaning of the botanical materials and finishing of the bottle caps to a support facility for persons with disabilities. Our products are created with the help of people having handicaps.

Company name
444-1, Enzan Takemori, Koshu-shi, Yamanashi 404-0051, Japan
Yuta Kishikawa
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Patent number
No. 7007535


■By Train:

From Shinjuku Station, it takes about 2 hours (when you take a limited express, it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes) From Enzan Station, it takes about 11 minutes by car (2.73 miles)

■By Car:

From Katsunuma Interchange, it takes about 16 minutes by car (7.021 miles)